When to Have Professional HVAC Repairs Done

by Vikas Goel 05/26/2024

Your HVAC system can break down or develop damage for various reasons. While some HVAC repairs are simple and can be done on your own, others should be left to the professionals. Knowing when to have professional HVAC repairs done is an important part of ensuring your HVAC system can heat or cool your home reliably. Here are a few tasks a professional HVAC company should contend with:

Frequent Cycling

Your HVAC system might run longer than usual if outdoor temperatures are unusually hot or cold. However, your HVAC shouldn't be running through cycles frequently. When this happens, your HVAC system turns on and off more often than it should. If you've noticed frequent cycling occurring, have professional HVAC repairs done.

HVAC technicians might be able to resolve frequent cycling with some simple maintenance. However, you might have this problem due to other reasons, such as the wrong size HVAC system for your home or a poorly placed thermostat. HVAC technicians can determine the cause and provide solutions.

Strange Sounds

HVAC systems normally make some noise when they're running, but odd or unusual noises could signal a problem with your equipment. Rattling sounds might mean a component in your HVAC system is loose, while loud grinding noises can indicate a bigger problem, such as a damaged fan or motor. You should have HVAC professionals inspect your system to find the cause of these noises and make repairs as needed.

Lack of Air or Low Air from Vents

Warm or cool air should flow from your vents when you have your heating or cooling system running. If your HVAC system has clean filters but you still have airflow problems, schedule professional HVAC repairs. This problem can occur due to a refrigerant leak, frozen evaporator coils or a broken fan.

Warm or Cool Air

If your HVAC system blows warm air in summer or cool air in winter, replacing the air filter might help. Otherwise, you might have a problem with your HVAC system's compressor or other damage which requires professional repairs. Have technicians inspect your system to determine the cause of this problem and perform any needed repairs.

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